25 Important Manufacturing Marketing Statistics

25 Important Manufacturing Marketing Statistics

Manufacturing marketing is maturing fast, and over the years a large chunk of the marketing spend has turned to digital sources to increase the effectiveness and the trackability. But has it paid off? Get the numbers + the satisfaction levels of 100’s of polled manufacturers in multiple studies below!

1. 71% of manufacturing content marketers list lead generation as a top organizational goal.

2. 46% of manufacturing marketers use conversion rates as a metric for content marketing success. 

Content Marketing Statistics sourced from a Global Spec study.

3. 98% of manufacturing marketers use some form of paid content promotion. 

4. 76% of manufacturing marketers use analytics tools. 

5. 58% of manufacturing marketers use website analysis to learn about target audiences. 5. 

6. 78% of manufacturing content marketers use some form of inbound marketing. 

7. 44% of manufacturing marketers believe that social media will be the most critical tactic to content marketing success in 2017. 

8. 92% of manufacturing marketers use email to distribute content. 

9. 82% of manufacturing marketers attribute more content creation for an increase in success over last year

10. Only 1% of manufacturing marketers assess their organization’s content marketing maturity level as sophisticated

Manufacturing Marketing Statistics

11. 85% of manufacturing marketers are currently using content marketing. And of the 15% of nonusers, 53% say they plan to launch a content marketing effort within 12 months. Conversely, 43% had no immediate plans to begin using content marketing, and 3% had used content marketing in the past, but stopped.

12. 67% of manufacturing marketers blame not enough time devoted to content marketing for their stagnant success over the last year.

13. 31% of manufacturing marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. 

14. 71% of manufacturing marketers who have a content marketing strategy include a plan to operate content marketing as an ongoing business process, not simply a campaign.

Commitment to Content Marketing

15. Companies in the manufacturing industry spend around 8% of the overall company budget on marketing.

  1. 94% of B2B buyers research online before purchasing any business product, according to Acquity Group State of B2B Procurement Study.

Budget Numbers from the Online Marketing Institute’s Infographic.

Marketing Spend statistics in Manufacturing
  1. 56% of engineers are already in their second or third stage of the buying process before they even contact the sales team / vendor.
  2. Digital marketing can generate 15% more business from existing customers.
  3. 80% of brands that use marketing automation have seen a boost in their leads.
  4. 77% of marketers have seen an increase in their conversion rate due to successful digital marketing campaigns.
  5. Companies save an average of $20k per year by investing more in inbound marketing than traditional marketing.
  6. The top marketing goal for manufacturers is brand awareness. 
  7. The best industrial sites only convert 3% of their traffic using RFQs and contact forms. Target conversion rates are 10% or more.
  8. Average conversion rate through search PPC in Adwords for industrials is 2.58%, which is below the overall average of 2.7%.
  9. A Forrester study found that using lead nurturing generates 50% more sales for companies at 1/3 of the cost, compared to companies that don’t nurture leads.
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