Healthcare Marketing Companies | Healthcare Digital Marketing

Healthcare Marketing Companies | Healthcare Digital Marketing

Finding the right digital marketing company is vital for organizations in healthcare. With the advent of the Internet, marketing has changed in ways never seen before. Specialized healthcare digital marketing is especially essential. This is because the healthcare industry involves many unique challenges and requirements. That is why you need a digital marketing company with the right experience, track record, and approach.

Healthcare marketing is not just about selling a product. It is helping patients access the care and services they need to live a healthy life. That’s why effective marketing is essential.

But what services do healthcare digital marketing companies offer? Which approaches and styles are best for different campaigns? And what distinguishes healthcare digital marketing companies from each other? These are essential questions to ask before settling on a particular company or approach. These seven companies show a broad overview of some of the many options.

Razorfish Health

Razorfish Health is a unique healthcare marketing company. It uses an internal KOL advisory board of physicians practicing in client territories. Meanwhile, MDConsul and in-house strategists bring unique clinical insight to campaigns.

The company also uses an HCP predictive modeling approach to predict trends and evaluate current needs. With TrueTarget, Razorfish focuses on high-impact HCPs to ensure the best results.

Razorfish brings together expertise using Technology Centers of Excellence. This provides technological support through its partnerships with leading tech providers. These include Veeva, Innovation, CMS, CRM/Operations, and more.

Klick Health

Klick Health has provided digital marketing services since 1997. Its team of 1,000 experts focuses on building and supporting life sciences. Klick uses differences in experience and strategy to bring together the best concepts and practices.

Klick’s company culture focuses on originality and collaboration. This lets them bring new ideas and perspectives to digital marketing, combining tried-and-true practices with the latest insights. Klick is unique for its emphasis on client and patient-centeredness.

Klick prides itself on offering independently-tested, proven solutions. This ensures clients get the best potential outcomes for their campaigns.

Syneos Health Communications

Syneos Health Communications offers a wide variety of services to clients. The company’s approach is to seek ideas that work in the real world instead of just on paper.

Syneos provides:

  • behavioral insights
  • influencer identification
  • trend mapping
  • advertisement and campaign development
  • clinical trial recruitment
  • public affairs
  • risk management
  • and much more

Syneos helps small startups as well as large brands with complex marketing needs. The company focuses its efforts on consumer and professional engagement.

It uses interdisciplinary work to commercialize products most effectively. Syneos also surveys more than 3,000 physicians each month to update data findings. The data is easily accessible through the online client dashboard.

Sagefrog Marketing Group

Sagefrog Marketing Group brings together a comprehensive healthcare marketing approach. Sagefrog is well-versed in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, hospitals, clinics, and clinical research.

The company works with manufacturing, transportation, distribution, logistics, and facility construction. Sagefrog offers B2B services as well as legal, financial, insurance, research, and consulting.

Sagefrog is also a Platinum HubSpot Agency Partner. It is the sole B2B agency in the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas to boast the title.

Sagefrog has worked with top organizations in healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals. The expert marketing team provides support for:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • biotechnology
  • healthcare IT
  • clinical research and trials
  • life sciences
  • managed care

Dobies Health Marketing

Dobies Health Marketing’s vision is to improve healthcare marketing. To do this, it aims to combine strategic marketing and creative communications. The team members are experts in the many complicated industries and campaigns in healthcare.

Dobies uses a Discover-Connect-Promote approach. It emphasizes measurable results, giving marketing campaigns a discernible return on investment. In a world of industry buzzwords, a strong reliance on data can sometimes go overlooked. Dobies emphasizes a verifiable approach.

Dobies Health works with clients from all sectors of the healthcare industry. Dobies works with each client to figure out goals and how to achieve them in their specific sector. Dobies also focuses on finding new marketing opportunities for clients to further bolster their ROI.

Activate Health Marketing

Activate Health Marketing is one of the top healthcare digital marketing companies in the United States. Its team of experts has worked in health technology, health planning, advertising, and more. Their expertise includes pharmaceuticals, hospitals, health systems, specialty pharmacy, and health insurance.

Activate uses research and strategy to create results-oriented campaigns tailored to each client.

Activate Health works with an extensive network of B2B media. This lets them put clients and campaigns in front of more consumers. They also partner with leading publications in health insurance, mobile health, and hospitals. The result? Activate’s clients can place their digital and print marketing in high-traffic areas.

Health Media Experts

Health Media Experts began under a medical doctor and health care marketing executive. It has grown into a leading healthcare digital marketing company. The company’s team boasts expertise in all forms of digital marketing. Each member is intimately familiar with the healthcare and medical industries. This sets Health Media apart as an organization equipped to handle clients in all healthcare sectors.

Health Media’s team are leaders in their industry. They have an impressive track record of helping medical and healthcare businesses grow. The company brings together experience in every sector of healthcare. This means that its team can operate in any campaign, with any client. Health Media’s team consists entirely of healthcare experts. Clients can know they are working with people who truly understand their businesses.


Partnering with the right healthcare digital marketing company is essential. The right company knows how to reach your audience most effectively. What is more, they understand that you’re not just selling to customers. You’re helping patients get the help they need.

Our company provides tailored, expert web design and SEO strategies for companies in healthcare. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for marketing. That’s why we ensure each campaign is unique to your client base and your company’s goals. To learn more about the services we offer and set up an initial consultation, contact us today.

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