How to Get 5 Financial Services Leads Today

How to Get 5 Financial Services Leads Today

1. Ask for business now, on your Facebook (page and personal), Twitter account, LinkedIn, Instagram, and bonus – Snapchat.

It’s not pushy to let people know you’re looking for new clients. In fact if your ONLY providing value on social media you may be leaving serious money on the table. Consider working in a ‘left hook’ on social on a regular basis – or asking for business and asking if people that follow you know anyone looking for the type of services you provide.

2. Take your absolute best resource (tool, white-paper, giveaway) and promote it on Facebook for $100 now.

Target to only the folks in your city + 30 miles that can afford what you do, and have features resembling all of your best current clients. If you don’t have any resources like this – it’s time to put something together, occasionally a resource you provide in your onboarding process could make a great ‘lead magnet’ to help people become ‘hand-raisers’ more quickly.

3. Reach out to 5 of your top referral partners

Collaborate with them to offer a no-obligation portfolio analysis for people they refer. Whatever your introductory offer is – try to find a way to make it easy for your referall

4. Create one piece of epic content that displays as much value as you possibly can

(Be excellent in their presence) and share it on social media (The In-depth Guide Investing While Still Paying off Debt). At the end of the post – ask people to call you, tell them what they could be missing if they don’t act now – create some urgency.

5. Offer a checklist as a lead magnet

Use names like – “Checklist: Top 10 Things to Make Sure Your Investment Portfolio is Properly Diversified”, or make it undeniably compelling for a specific generation “20 Point Checklist to Accomplish Financially in Your Thirties”

Bonus: Set up retargeting on your website – and set up aggressive retargeting for the ‘high-intent’ pages like your contact page and services page.

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