How to Get More Leads For Your Medical Company

How to Get More Leads For Your Medical Company

Getting more leads is a problem that every company operating in the medical industry faces. You can increase your brand awareness all you want and get in front of as many faces as possible, but if consumers aren’t turning those interactions into sales, then it might be all for nothing.

Whether you offer IT solutions to healthcare facilities, are a manufacturer of medical devices, or any other product or service in the medical industry, getting more leads allows you to positively impact as many hospitals and clinics as possible, as well as increase sales.

So, to help ensure you get the leads your looking for (and they are quality leads too), here are three key marketing tips to help your medical company get more customers.

Utilize the Powers of PPC

pay per click leads

The skinny:

  • PPC is a great way to be highly intentional with your marketing spending.
  • Create targeted ads for specific consumers and products.
  • It allows for clear transparency on what campaigns are working and which aren’t.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great option for medical business owners that want to extremely intentional about their marketing efforts. Essentially, you can create ads that are tailored to specific audiences online, with different messages depending on the products or services you’re marketing.

Doing PPC on your own is time-consuming. It requires constant management and the ability to change up ads quickly to meet surging trends. It also isn’t for everybody. Some medical businesses may not necessarily need it depending on what their niche is and the products or services they offer. For this reason, before agreeing to PPC services with a client, we go through your business strategy, where you’re at currently, and whether or not it makes sense financially for you before coming to a PPC agreement. Reach out to us today to discuss whether or not your medical business is a good fit for Pay Per Click.

Take the Time to Incorporate Strong SEO Strategies

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The skinny:

  • SEO is a must in today’s digital world. 
  • SEO is a slow burn, but the results speak for themself.
  • Your competitors are doing it, so you should be too.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something that every business should do—especially in the crowded field of the medical industry. SEO allows you to rank for high intent keywords that can lead to more… well, leads. Consider a medical device company that creates pacemakers. Ranking high for the term “top pacemakers” would be something that could generate more clicks on their website, which has the potential to generate more leads. Simply put, the higher you are on Google, the more clicks you’ll get.

However, you have to take advantage of those clicks and additional users on your site. Here’s how:

Optimize Your Website For Conversions

The skinny: 

  • Your website is the final piece of getting more leads.
  • Make sure it’s optimized for conversions.
  • Clear CTAs are key to getting leads.

Great PPC management and consistent, thorough SEO strategies can only get you so far. YES, these tactics will get people to your website, but if your site is low quality or confusing to navigate through, you’re going to receive a high bounce rate. The bounce rate is what happens when someone enters a website a then leaves immediately without interacting with it because the website doesn’t match the expectations they had going into it—whether they aren’t sure where to go next, it’s too slow, it looks low-quality.

At Hook Agency, we offer Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services for our clients’ websites. These services can be boiled down to ensuring that your website is designed to increase conversions. This includes the actual design of the site, where lead generation opportunities are positioned and how they are formatted, the content on your service pages, and more.

To get started on PPC management, SEO, and CRO, reach out to Hook Agency today. We’ll sit down with you and decide what the best services are for your business. And, if not of those solutions are right for you, we’ll point in the direction of another agency or team that does.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your business!

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